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What are Lipotropic Injections?

Weight loss is an uphill task for many people who embark on weight management through the traditional methods of regular exercising as well as strict diets. In recent years, there has been an introduction of alternative ways of losing weight, and one that is becoming popular is the lipotropic injection. Also termed as lipo B12 injections, the injections have a high dose of fat blasting compound including Inositol, B Complex Vitamins, Methionine, a potent dose of Vitamin B12, Chlorine, and a host of other vitamins, amino acids, and minerals.

The lipotropic injections increase energy throughout the body, and the effects of managing weight loss are in many cases immediate. The injection stimulates particular hormones to function correctly prompting the body to burn off fat. Many of the medical weight loss regimens professionals including nutritionists, health, and fitness trainers recommend regular lipotropic injections to assist in losing weight. The injections also have other healthy benefits the body gains from the blast of nutrients.

Here is a cross examination of what the components in the lipotropic injection do to the body.


This ingredient of the lipotropic injection is a close relation to vitamin B family and assists in the metabolism of fats as well as other processes that induce advantageous psychiatric conditions. It is essential for the treatment of a diverse range of female dysfunctions.

Amino Acids

Their inclusion in the lipotropic injection is to enable other compounds to work properly and induce weight loss.

B Complex Vitamins

Its sole purpose is to boost your energy levels by promoting the process of fat metabolism


This is a necessary nutrient required for the correct functioning of the liver as well as the metabolism of fat. Its purpose is to export bile and fat from the liver, detoxify the liver, and ensure the conversion of the fat into energy.


This is one of the important amino acids in the injection since it is a deactivating agent to hormones like estrogen, and it defends the body from toxic compounds.

Vitamin B12

Its inclusion in the lipotropic injection is purely for the many biological uses it has throughout the body including assisting in the functions of the nervous system, heart, brain, and blood pressure. It is also a big player in aiding in the metabolism of fat.

Physicians who have administered the lipotropic injection for the management of weight , recommend one to be on a low-calorie diet and incorporate a regular fitness regimen. This is to ensure the results of the injections are visible much faster.